Multidimensional Measurement Models (Fall 2023)

This repo contains course materials for the Multidimensional Measurement Models course, given during the fall semester of 2023 at the University of Iowa (PSQF 7375) by Jonathan Templin.

Course Information

Instructor: Jonathan Templin
Syllabus: Syllabus Link
Course website: Course Website Link
Course repo: GitHub Repo
Lecture videos: YouTube Playlist
Office: S210B Lindquist Center
Office Phone: 319-335-6429
Classroom: S210A Lindquist Center
Course Meeting Time: W 12:30-15:20
Course Office Hours: F 09:00-11:00 or by appointment

Course Schedule

Week 1: August 23, 2023: Introduction; What is Dimensionality; Estimation Toolbox

Week 2, August 30, 2023: Argon

Week 3: September 6, 2023: Psychometric Prerequisites (Generalized Models, IRT, Structural vs. Measurement Models, Basic MIRT Models)

Week 4: September 13, 2023: Model Fit

Week 5: September 20, 2023: Multidimensional Difficulties (Identifiability, empirical identification, quantifying dimensionality)

Week 6: September 27, 2023: Estimation Methods (Marginal Maximum Likelihood; Limited Information; Bayesian Methods)

Tentative Remaining Course Schedule

Please see the main website for the most up-to-date schedule, required readings, and assignment information.

Date Topic
Section 3 Multidimensionality is Bad
10/04/2023 Exploratory Models; Consequences of Multidimensionality; Unwanted Dimensionality
10/11/2023 Multidimensionality by Design (rater effects, testlets)
10/18/2023 Exploratory mixture models/Categorical Latent Variables (What is Dimensionality?)
Section 4 Multidimensionality is Good
10/25/2023 Confirmatory Models; Latent Variable Interactions
11/01/2023 Diagnostic Classification Models/Bayesian Networks
11/08/2023 Models with Specific Purposes (Higher order, bifactor, method factors, extreme response models, scoring approaches)
11/15/2023 Explanatory (Crossed Random Effect) models/G-Theory
11/22/2023 No Class (Thanksgiving Break)
11/29/2023 Multilevel Measurement Models
Section 5 Multidimensionality is Desired
12/06/2023 Construct Definitions and the Challenge of Subscores
12/13/2023 Final Exam


Bartholomew, D. J., Knott, M., & Moustaki, I. (2011). Latent variable models and factor analysis: A unified approach (3rd ed.). Wiley.

Reckase, M. D. (2009). Multidimensional item response theory. Springer.